We are a

Publishing House
in Jerez, Cadiz

We publish
books & magazines
for customers
all over the World.

We offer editorial design services

We edit and publish books & magazines with a design adapted to the characteristics of the publication. We publish on paper and in digital formats.


We publish books with a careful edition, in which we design every detail. We take care of the cover, typography, illustrations, photographs, texts and other necessary elements.


We publish magazines with an attractive design that is consistent with the publication. We design the first issue, and maintain and update the editorial design throughout the life of the publication.


We also design and edit newspapers with a high rate of publication: daily, weekly or monthly. We prepare all the contents and take care of all the texts and graphic elements.


We publish on paper. We take care of sending the book, magazine or newspaper to the printer for publicaction. However, to protect the environment, we recommend publishing in digital format: it is cheaper, the distribution is worldwide and online, with a minimal carbon footprint. Be green!


Our editorial designs can be published in digital format: PDF, Web or interactive ebook. In fact, interactivity is a feature your readers will love. By eliminating the cost of paper, you get attractive publications at a lower price. Moreover, the distribution channels reach the whole world, as they are distributed in online format.


We take care of legal deposit and registration, assigning ISBN and ISSN numbers to your publication. The International Standard Book Number, and the International Standard Serial Number, are internationally recognised numerical codes for the identification of publications.


We generate the final artwork in digital format to send it to the printer. We monitor every detail so that the files are printed and distributed in the best conditions. Whether in paper or digital format, your publications will be in good hands.

Web & Social

We design ultra-fast Webs, hosted on Google Cloud, for your Magazine or Newspaper. We install WordPress as content management system, with Accelerated Mobile Pages by Google and Facebook Instant Articles. We can also convert your Website into a Web App or a native App with push notifications for mobiles and desktops. You will be amazed!


We can also generate a promotional campaign for your publication. This way you will get more readers interested in obtaining it. Advertising is our business. Marketing is our job.

We edit books & magazines

We are a publishing house that takes care of every detail

Editing and publishing is a complex task that requires time and effort. We avoid mistakes thanks to the knowledge accumulated over years of experience in the publishing sector. For us, publishing is more than an industry, it is an art.

Publishing House in Jerez

We publish books, magazines & newspapers in Jerez de la Frontera for customers all over the World.

We are a Publishing House in Jerez de la Frontera, located in the south of Spain, in Andalusia. We do layout work for books and magazines in Jerez, our home town, but we work remotely for customers all over the world. We publish books and magazines in paper and digital format. Our editorial designs are modern, simple and minimalist.

Publishing House in Cadiz

We design and layout books and magazines from Cadiz using the latest technology.

We are a publishing house in Cadiz that uses the most modern technologies: Adobe Indesign, Affinity Publisher and Photoshop. Our book and magazine typesetters bring a lot of talent to our paper and digital editions. We take care of every detail. We proofread texts to editorial perfection. With all this we manage to publish books and magazines for customers in Cadiz and all over the world with an elegant, timeless aesthetic and with a remarkable editorial quality.