We offer the best Web Hosting in Jerez, Cádiz

We host websites on Google Cloud servers for clients all over the World.

Enjoy the Web Hosting offered by Google Cloud Hosting

We offer web hosting spaces powered by Google Cloud technology and infrastructure, with amazing performance and stability.

Google Cloud

Our web hosting service powered by Google Cloud guarantees amazing load times. The high availability, reliability and robustness of the premium Google Cloud infrastructure is a guarantee of success.

Content Delivery Network or CDN

We replicate our clients’ websites in all Google Cloud Data Centres around the world through Google’s impressive Content Delivery Network (CDN).

Data Centers

Google Cloud Data Centres are modern and green. They offer high redundancy and availability, with fast connectivity and low latency. We have access to Google Cloud infrastructure distributed globally across Data Centres in the US, Europe and Asia.

Green Web Hosting

All our data centres are environmentally friendly. 100% of the energy consumed is sustainably produced renewable energy. Google ensures achievement of carbon footprint neutrality, energy efficiency, emissions reduction and a sound waste management policy. Our web hosting services are green.

Free SSL Certificates

SSL abbreviation stands for Secure Sockets Layer, a security protocol that creates an encrypted link between a web server and a web browser. All our web hosting plans include free standard SSL Let’s Encrypt and SSL Wildcard certificates. We are committed to the security and privacy of Internet traffic. It is also possible to install other types of SSL Certificates on request.

Ultra-fast PHP

We implemented a special PHP configuration that reduces the TTFB or time to first byte and makes the overall use of server resources optimal, thus allowing web pages to load 30% faster compared to standard PHP configurations.

Ultra-powerful caching

We enable NGINX Direct Delivery on all servers. We cache both static resources, images and CSS as well as dynamic PHP output in HTML. We speed up the loading of each web page by up to 500%. In addition, we enable Memcached for database-driven websites, such as those using WordPress.

MySQL to another level

The MySQL configuration we developed allows us to process a large number of requests simultaneously, resolving heavy queries very efficiently so that websites load quickly even under the pressure of many visitors.


Brotli is an open source data compression library developed by Google. It is used to speed up web browsing and is an advance over the GZIP compression used in other web hosting services.


We use HTTP/2. The HTTP/2 protocol makes the Internet faster and more efficient by compressing information and executing multiple requests simultaneously, which reduces loading speed. This means that websites load faster and you can access content sooner.

Designed for WordPress

In addition, for WordPress powered websites, we implement special plugins that enhance the server environment that develop front-end optimisations to make WordPress installations load even faster.

Uninterrupted server monitoring

We have a unique monitoring system that checks server status every 0.5 seconds to pinpoint problems. In addition, we have system administrators ready 24 hours a day to prevent problems and apply immediate solutions.

Back-up copies

Website backups are distributed across different geographical locations to ensure maximum data security. In the event of a disaster, we restore the data in a short time and activate the affected website even on a server located on a different continent to circumvent the threat.

Security for WordPress

For WordPress powered websites we implemented a special plugin that helps users to strengthen their security. Among many other features, we renamed the URL of the login form and included two-factor authentication (2FA). 2FA is a security method of identity and access management that requires two forms of identification to access resources and data.

Automatic scaling for cloud.

It is possible to manually upgrade the RAM, CPU and/or space of a cloud plan at any time. Additional resources are added immediately with no downtime or interrruptions associated with this process. The installation can also be configured for automatic scaling to maintain performance in the face of unexpected traffic peaks.

We only offer our web hosting services to clients who also contract the design of their website with us.

Web Hosting Worldwide

Data Centres and CDNs around the globe

We have access to Google Cloud Data Centres in the United States: Los Angeles, Dallas, Council Bluffs and Ashburn; in Europe: Madrid, Paris, London, Eemshaven and Frankfurt; and in Asia: Singapore and Sydney. We can host your Website at any of these nodes.

We also have access to CDN locations in Tokyo (Japan), Singapore (Republic of Singapore), Sydney (Australia), Warsaw (Poland), Hamina (Finland), London (England), Frankfurt (Germany), Madrid (Spain), Eemshaven (Netherlands), Paris (France), Sao Paulo (Brazil), Council Bluffs (Iowa), Moncks Corner (South Carolina), The Dalles (Oregon), Los Angeles (California), Ashburn (Virginia) and Dallas (Texas).

Once you choose your primary Data Centre, we will replicate your website on each of these CDN nodes.

We currently offer Web Hosting services with Google Cloud and WordPress managed from Jerez, Cadiz, Seville, Malaga, Cordoba and Granada for clients all over the World.

Web Hosting Company in Jerez

We offer web hosting from Jerez de la Frontera for clients from all over the World.

We are a Web Hosting Company based in Jerez de la Frontera, located in the south of Spain, in Andalusia. We host websites for companies and individuals in Jerez, our city, but we work remotely for clients all over the world. In a digital world, we take advantage of Google cloud technology to offer web hosting packages from Jerez to clients from different countries. We are at the forefront of web hosting services in Jerez.

Web Hosting Company in Cadiz

We manage the best Web Hosting service in Cadiz with Google Cloud technology.

We are a Web Hosting Company in Cadiz that uses Google Cloud infrastructure and technology to remotely host websites for clients all over the world from Cadiz. Our web hosting experts monitor all aspects of our cloud servers and constantly monitor the servers so that the performance of the websites we host is perfect. This enables us to power world-class hosting for client websites in Cadiz and around the world with the most powerful, reliable and high-performance server network ever built.